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  • What is the status of my order?
    After receiving your confirmation email, you can check the status of your order at any time. Just use the same email you placed the order with, as well as the order number you received in your confirmation email and email
  • How can I reach the customer service team and when should I expect a response?
    Please contact Customer Service at Our team is available Monday through Friday from 10a.m. to 5:00p.m. EST. We do our best to respond to all customers within 48 hours.
  • How do I find out about upcoming launches and restocks?
    For restocks and upcoming launches please use our contact us form or email For new launches, sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you the latest news!
  • Where are Rachel Indira products made?
    Our haircare products are produced in the United States.
  • What would be a noticeable difference when switching to organic shampoo & conditioner? The shampoo doesn't seem to produce as much lather...
    The most noticeable difference one can see when beginning to use an organic shampoo is that it will not produce as much lather as a conventional shampoo, due to the absence of synthetic foaming agents. This is not an indication that the hair is not being thoroughly cleansed, rather it indicates that the hair’s natural oils are not being washed out. It is recommended that hair be washed twice when using a natural shampoo, as the second wash will produce slightly more lather. This is because there is less buildup – dirt, oil, dry skin – to eliminate in the second wash.
  • Can I mix-and-match products in different collections?
    Yes! To optimize your desired look, we recommend using the full collection, but our products can be mixed and matched if you want multiple benefits. That being said, some products don’t mix together well so reach out in our chat if you have a specific question about how to use our products.
  • Are Rachel Indira products cruelty-free?
    Rachel Indira never has and never will conduct animal testing. When we create a product, we test it on ourselves, our friends, and anyone and everyone we can get our hands on! We test on people, never animals.
  • What are Rachel Indira products free of?
    We offer a large range of product free from Sulfates, Parabens, PEGs, Dyes, and Mineral Oils.
  • What is the shelf life of Rachel Indira products?
    Products have a shelf life of 1.5 years
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Any US-issued and most internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo We also accept paypal as well.
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